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I must admit, I am a Summer and Winter Olympics junkie, but I am not as in on the World Cup action. I’ve checked out the scores on ESPN.com and watched a quick recap of the United States vs. England yesterday, but I haven’t made an effort to sit and watch any of the games. I loved the World Cup as a kid, because I played select soccer for many years (shout out to the Roanoke Stars!), but it’s just not my thing anymore. However, I am a big fan of huge sporting events, like the World Cup, that come around every four years, because I think they help unite people within nations and bring them together for a common cause. There is so much turmoil and fighting within countries and between countries that we often forget we are part of something bigger; we are all part of one world. The World cup reminds us that we can put aside our differences and unite for a common goal (“goal” soccer pun very much intended 😉 ). Furthermore, athletic events can help boost morale; and for many people, it is a chance to put all of life’s stresses on the back-burner and focus on supporting your country and the wonderful, vibrant, diverse world we all inhabit.

So try and get in on the action in your own way, and even if a global soccer tournament doesn’t strike your fancy, be aware how important events like the World Cup are to lots of people and lots of countries. At the very least, throw your support behind your own country or another country that inspires you. I mean, even this sweet little kitten is showing its World Cup support (and its attempted soccer skills!). Check out this picture and be prepared for your heart to melt 🙂 The World Cup unites nations, persons, players…and even animals.

GO USA!!! (Image obtained from http://www.gambling911.com/)


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