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Oh my goodness! It has been a week-and-a-half  since I have written a new blog post – I most sincerely apologize for the delay! Last weekend, one of my best friend’s left her home in the Capital City for a few days to come visit her ole friends in her previous home down in the Dirty South. The whole gang had a wonderful weekend catching up over delicious meals (except for Saturday – I contracted a stomach bug or had food poisoning and was out of commission for the day/night), and I was sad to see her go come Sunday 😦 I am comforted, however, by the fact that Jenny (“Little Jenny” as I fondly call her) is following her dreams – she lives in her dream city and has her dream job and is continuing to tackle her dreams one-by-one. I am so proud of her, and although she isn’t around for last minute trips to the mall and Wednesday night margaritas and cheese dip, I can’t help but be happy for her that she can wake up smiling knowing she’s on her way to living the life she’s always dreamed. This got me thinking – isn’t this what we should all be doing? Shouldn’t we all be chasing (and getting closer to catching) our dreams everyday?

Changing your life in order to follow your dreams is scary. Trust me – I know. I’m scared to death right now. I am leaving a group of extraordinary friends, a city with more to do than I could ever imagine actually getting done, a state I’ve lived in for the past 8 years, and a lifestyle and schedule in which I’ve grown quite accustomed in order to pursue my own dreams. Unfortunately, my dreams can’t be realized in the city of Atlanta, so I must venture out of my bubble to the unknown (first stop – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and, essentially, start over.

If you know me at all, are my Facebook friend, have read my “About Me” on this blog, or all of the above, you pretty much know by now that I try and live my life based on the following quote from Erma Bombeck:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, ‘I used everything You gave me.'”

For the past three years, I haven’t been pursuing my calling. If I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to stand before God and truly say that “I used everything You gave me.” I didn’t use the positive aspects of my personality in my advertising/search marketing career, and although I learned a great deal about the business/advertising world, I realized that it just isn’t for me. I don’t want to shake hands with it ever again, and I don’t think it really wants me to return.

I am giving up my life sitting behind a computer and fixing websites in order to pursue a career where I feel that I will matter. I am going to begin graduate school this summer to obtain a Master’s in Library Science with a specialization in School Library Media in order to become an elementary school librarian/media specialist. I know that my unique talents include the abilities to make people laugh/smile, to truly listen and learn from children, and to creatively teach others how to expand their minds through reading and obtaining information. I want to go into work excited for the day and leave work feeling like I made a difference. I want to use my talents in order to give back. I truly believe that a life that is not spent helping people in one way or another is a wasted life. To give as much as you can – whether it’s your time, support, money, help, encouragement, etc. – that is to have succeeded. That is to have lived a full life.

I’ll say it again – chasing your dreams is scary – there is nothing more nerve-wracking than giving up the known in order to venture into the unknown. When I start to feel my chest tighten, my heartbeat race, and my stomach tie up in knots, I think about all of my family, friends, and mentors who have taken a dive into their own unknown abbyss – only to come out stronger and happier on the other side. We are too young to live only a life of contentment – let’s try and live a life of pure happiness filled with soul-enhancing and life-changing experiences. Although I leave my beloved Atlanta in less than a month, I am looking forward to the future and to capturing my dreams head on and, of course, to the day that I will get to smile at God and tell Him that “I used everything You gave me.”

Every morning you have two choices - continue your sleep with dreaming or wake up and chase your dreams - the choice is yours.


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