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Check out these adorable (and lesson-inducing) videos of two creatures who are supposed to despise each other – cats and dogs – not only getting along, but loving each other. If cats and dogs can get past their differences and co-exist in love, can’t democrats and republicans, Palestine and Israel, oil and water, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner…and you and your enemy?

When you’re feeling mad and frustrated with someone who has wronged you, be the bigger and better person and relinquish your hatred as hard as it may be to do. The act of forgiveness takes courage and only those persons truly at peace with themselves will take the risk and shake hands with their enemies. As Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

Think about it – what has hatred done for you lately? Personally, hatred has done a lot for me over the years including tearing my soul to shreds, inducing tears, and closing off my heart to others. Like we should with all enemies, I am going to chose to shake hands with my hatred (an enemy of us all!), tell him I forgive him for occupying my mind for so long, and in as kind a voice as possible – tell him to “take a hike!”

So here and now, I declare that I fully forgive those persons who have wronged me in the past, and I hope that those I have wronged will forgive me as well. I also forgive myself for holding on to hatred for so long – for I’m ready to set it free and start anew! It’s time for us to all come to terms with our mistakes and the mistakes of others and to refurbish ourselves as whole entities full of grace, acceptance, and love. Open your heart to yourself first, then open it to all those around you – remember, if dogs and cats can learn to love each other, anyone can! 🙂


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Let’s not kid ourselves…I’m a cat person – always have been, always will be. For some reason, my interest in these furry felines has made for numerous jokes (many that I often make at my own expense) and a growing collection of cat-related memorabilia that people have given me over the years (cat push-pins, magnets, calendars, stuffed animals, books, and the list goes on and on). I love animals in general, but I just LOVE cats and have had three (two currently – shout-out to Odie and Rudy!) in my past 26 years. So when I came across a story about a missing cat that hobbled his way back to his home on two badly broken legs, it both broke my heart and inspired me.

One year-old Giggle Blizzard was on a routine play-date with his siblings in Spring Hill, FLA when he got separated from them and was hit by a car, unbeknown to his owner, Tracie Steger. That evening, when Steger called for her cats, all returned home – except for Blizzard. Steger searched all over the neighborhood and put a posting on CraigsList, but all leads to Blizzard’s whereabouts proved inconclusive. Eleven days later, on Thanksgiving evening, Steger found one more thing to be thankful for – Blizzard returned.  Steger had been spending time with family and friends when she heard meowing coming from outside. Much to her surprise, and extreme excitement, Blizzard was at the door. According to Steger, “he was meowing and he pulled himself into the house. He put his two front legs forward and his back legs kind of zig-zagged and skittled forward to catch up.” Poor little Blizzard’s hind legs were badly broken, but Orthopedic veterinary surgeon, Dr. Michael Kern, was able to save them. Now, Blizzard is catching up on some much-deserved R and R until he gets his casts removed in a month’s time.

Giggle Blizzard’s happy ending reminds me of an inspirational quote that we should all keep with us when we are ready to throw in the towel:

“When the world says, ‘Give up,’
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
~Author Unknown

We can all learn a thing or two  about persistence and perseverance from Blizzard and his willingness to never give up on his journey back home – even with two broken legs and very little food and water. Whatever your journey may be, keep at it – remember, you may not be there yet, but you are closer than you were yesterday.

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